Trustworthy Pest Control Services in Jamaica

Pest left unattended can cause great damages to your health and property, Elmco Exterminating offers superior pest control services to keep you protected. Our professionals remove and control birds, insects, rats, mosquitoes and more in a safe manner. We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide timely services. To learn more about our pest control services, call us at (347) 673-0086.

Our Services Include:

  • Ant and Bat Control
  • Pest Control
  • Animal Control
  • Pest Removal
  • Ants, Termites, Bed Bugs Control
  • Bed Bug and Beetle Control
  • Pest Fumigation
  • Flea and Tick Control
  • Gopher and Mole Control
  • Insect and Pest Control
  • Pest Sanitation
  • Mosquito, Mouse, Fly and Opossum Control
  • Cockroach, Termite, Spider and Silverfish Control
  • Commercial Pest Control
  • All Insect Control
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